Aupe Collective Agreement Goa 2018

You can view the agreement in the following pages. Otherwise, you`ll find here a PDF file of the full agreement. The following week, Toews said the government would ask conciliators to impose a two per cent pay cut on collective agreements. The collective agreement has expired and is currently being renegotiated by the Alberta government and the Alberta Provincial Employees Association. As a result, printed copies of the agreement are not currently distributed. “AUPE members know that only massive collective actions in the workplace and support for collective bargaining (which will resume early next year) have the power to fight budget cuts,” he says. All rate updates related to public service negotiations are available at: According to the union, the province is requesting a one per cent pay cut in the first year of a new collective agreement and no increases for the next three years. The Alberta Provincial Employees Association says the layoffs would affect Alberta government and health care employees. AUPE currently has 23,578 members of the public service in the areas of government, public health, education, boards of directors and agencies, municipalities and private companies.

Public Service Office staff could not be immediately contacted for comment. Negotiations between the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) began on Thursday, February 6. Continuous work schedules for employees at Schedule “A-1” Smith said the union will hold a press conference Monday. A letter from the government to the union states that jobs are guaranteed until March 30, 2020. Alberta`s largest public sector union says the government plans to cut up to 5,900 jobs as part of its plan to balance the province`s budget by fiscal year 2022-23. Long Term Disability IncomeContinuance Plan Review The union responded with its own proposal, which contains: READ MORE: Alberta Innovates announces up to 125 layoffs for changes introduced by the UCP budget: “We prepared, piled up and picked up across the province, and built our ability to stand up and defend ourselves.” Paid Up Life Insurance Plan (Paid Up Life Insurance Plan) According to the letter from the Public Service Office, the cuts could include jobs and vacancies.