Costa Rica Rental Agreement

The notice period, which is usually one month, should be included in the lease. 8th. Down payment: LESSEE agrees to pay a down payment of USD 800.00, which will be retained by LESSOR to ensure full compliance with each clause of this agreement. The deposit is refunded at the end of the tenancy agreement, provided that LESSEE has complied with the terms of the tenancy agreement and returns the accommodation to the state in which it was received, including proof that all businesses have been paid. The deposit cannot be applied to the payment of the rent. Fourth. Use and improvement: Residential housing must be used exclusively for residential purposes for lesSEE and its family and should not be used for other purposes. LESSEE undertakes not to transfer, modify and sublet parts of the property. Please note that before moving into your new home, tenants and landlords must protect their interests in a rental agreement to determine the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. Many short-term and holiday accommodations may need a smaller deposit – check to see if you agree to your stay with the owner. We received an adjustment and new conditions less than two weeks (14) days before the roll-over date 1. June 2014.

A surprise and as the foreign owners would have, we are expected to pay new rent and new conditions. Take a look at the short-term rentals on the Premier Casa rental section or on the holiday rental segment. Some important aspects of establishing a rental contract, whether for a house, an apartment, a condo or a commercial area, are that the document must contain information: in Costa Rica, there are a series of rules that govern all rental and rental contracts that are included in Law 7527, “General Law of Urban and Suburban Rents”. This Act governs all oral or written rentals of real estate for a variety of purposes, including housing, commerce, industry, technical, professional, cultural, artisanal or recreational activities, and public services. Excluded from Law 7527 are hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and holiday homes where day stays can last up to 30 days. The law also does not regulate parking spaces or company accommodations for employees. I had a similar problem with an owner in Tamarindo called Hidden Coast Realty. They rented me a pet apartment, and then they sent unwelcome letters until we got out. The guy told me he wouldn`t give it back and that he was going to evict us so he could keep bail.

He said we were already out of the square “later.” Realistically, there are very few things I can do without having to put a ton of money into the embezzlement of his bond. Rents can first be negotiated freely between the landlord and the tenant. In order to increase the rent, the parties should agree on the annual increase in rent in the contract. In the absence of an agreement, the landlord can claim a right to an annual rent increase. A DEPOSIT GARANTIE of 500 $US is required and must be paid in cash upon arrival of the tenant who is owned by the landlord until the rental unit is checked during the check-out.