Microsoft Large Account Reseller Enterprise Agreement

LARs are authorized by Microsoft to sell licenses through a special volume licensing program to businesses and corporate accounts offering more generous discounts than Microsoft`s standard licensing program. In general, LARs work with customer accounts with 250 or more desktop computers or users. The Microsoft ISV licensing program is available to ISVs who want a practical licensing opportunity for Microsoft products and their integration into a single solution. THE ISVs can then replicate the commercial solution and distribute a fully conceded solution to their end-users. ISV Royalty (ISVR) contracts are valid for a period of three years and payment is made monthly through a licensed distributor of the ISV Royalty Licensing Program. You must be a provider of Microsoft Licensing Solutions (LSP) to sell licenses and subscriptions through Microsoft Enterprise agreements and registrations. We offer several contract options to help partners license microsoft cloud services and on-premise software. Microsoft Open License, Microsoft Open Value and Microsoft Open Value Subscription are Microsoft volume licensing agreements for organizations with 5-499 users/devices that want to license local Microsoft software, cloud services or both. Open License is a transaction agreement for commercial, governmental, academic and not-for-profit organizations. Software Assurance is optional.

While the provider introduces its most powerful research and development, sales and marketing resources into the cloud, some Microsoft corporate customers are still stuck in on-premise implementations. This has led the provider to take aggressive steps to migrate these customers to the cloud. The results include several price and licensing changes, an increase in formal and informal licensing audits (often disguised as asset management software commitments) and increased complexity and rigidity of the contract. There are increasingly licensing and subscription optimization challenges in Microsoft transactions, as well as new cost, flexibility and licensing/subscription opportunities you can capitalize on. As Microsoft continues to make a transformation and business demands and usage requirements are changing rapidly, customers should prepare for a more demanding purchasing and supplier management environment. Microsoft has several volume licensing programs for large companies – the Select Plus program (which is suspended), the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) and the Enterprise Agreement. Select Plus and MPSA programs are called “indirect” agreements. They actually buy from a third party like Dell, Software Spectrum, Insight, PC Connection, etc. These volume licensing programs are the way you buy a car – you don`t buy from the manufacturer, but from the dealer. The dealer sets the price and, as with any other major purchase, prices vary between resellers. Partners must work with authorized Microsoft distributors to sell licenses and subscriptions through open agreements. You must also be an AER to sell licenses via Open License for Academic and Open Value Subscription for Education Solutions.

Combined with the value-added services of a cloud-based system integrator, hosting partner or reseller, the CSP program offers an easy way to license the cloud services your customers need. Local software and software insurance are not available from CSP partners. Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) is a transaction licensing agreement for commercial and government organizations that want to outsource the management of their entire cloud services through a cloud solutions provider (CSP). Of NPI`s total customer base, more than 40% of EA`s extensions take place during Microsoft`s fourth quarter of the fiscal year (April/May/June).