Which Statement Is True Of An Executive Agreement Brainly

4. A draft special budget indicates the purpose for which it is intended and is supported by effectively available means, such as certified by the national treasurer, or by a corresponding recipe proposal contained in it. (2) All cases concerning the constitutionality of a contract, executive agreement or law are tried and tried by the Supreme Court, and no contract, executive agreement or law can be declared unconstitutional without the consent of at least ten members. All other cases that must be negotiated in accordance with their bench rules are decided with the agreement of at least eight members. (7) Educational institutions that have not been created by religious orders, mission bodies and charities are exclusively citizens of the Philippines or companies or associations whose capital is held by these citizens. The control and management of educational institutions must be entrusted to Filipino citizens. No educational institution can be set up exclusively for foreigners and no group of foreigners can cover more than one third of school enrolment. The provisions of this subsection do not apply to schools established for foreign diplomatic staff and their relatives and, unless otherwise provided, to other foreign residents. 2. In the event of the dissolution of Batasang Pambansa, newly elected members will serve the unsealed part of the mandate from the moment the President challenges the Assembly, no later than thirty days after his election. (5) the establishment of rules relating to the right to write, practice and procedure in all courts, admission to practice and the integration of the bar, which may however be repealed, amended or supplemented by the Batasang Pambansa. These rules must provide for a simplified and inexpensive procedure for the rapid organization of cases, be uniform for all courts of the same rank and not reduce, increase or modify material fees. THE SEC.

2. Batasang Pambansa adopts a local authority code that cannot be changed later, with the exception of a majority vote of all its members, by defining a more responsive and responsible structure of local authorities, with an effective recall system, which assigns to the various local government entities their skills, responsibilities and resources and provides qualifications , elections and expulsions, the mandate, the treatment. , the powers, functions and functions of local officials, as well as any other issues related to the organization and operation of local units. However, any change in the current form of local government will not come into force until it is ratified by a majority of votes cast in a referendum requested to do so. The executive agreement should be concluded between two parties and it must be submitted to the government department. 2. The Prime Minister may in writing advise the President to dissolve the Batasang Pambansa if a vote of confidence of the population is necessary on fundamental issues, but not on an issue concerning his personal integrity. Subsequently, the President may dissolve the Batasang Pambansa no earlier than seven or fourteen days after receiving the notice and request an election that he sets on a date he has set, which may not be more than forty-five days or more than sixty days from the date of that dissolution. However, the dissolution of batasang Pambansa cannot take place within eighteen months, immediately before the regular election of Batasang Pambansa, or within eighteen months immediately after that election, or during the impeachment process of the president or in the exercise of the president`s powers by the executive committee or the president.