Adobe Connect End User License Agreement

14.6 Digital certificates. The software uses digital certificates (as described in section 16.5) to help the client identify downloaded files (z.B. applications and content) and the publishers of those files. For example, Adobe AIR uses digital certificates to help customers identify the Adobe AIR app publisher. The Adobe Acrobat family of products also uses digital certificates to sign and validate signatures in Portable Documents (“PDF”) and validate certified PDF documents. The client`s computer can connect to the Internet when a digital certificate is validated. Unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement between Adobe and a software taker, Adobe guarantees to the person or entity that first acquires a license for the software under the terms of this agreement that the software will be run essentially in accordance with the corresponding software usage manual for the shorter period of (a) 90 (90) days or (b) the validity of the license after receiving the software (guarantee period) when used on the compatible computer. A non-substantial change in the performance of the user manual does not create a warranty right. This restricted warranty does not apply to the following points made available by AS-IS and without Adobe`s warranty: (i) patches; (ii) police software; (iii) preversion software, trial version, start-up, evaluation, product sampler, evaluation software and copies of the software not available for resale; (iv) Adobe`s websites, online services; and third-party online services; v) certified documentation services (see section 16); and (vi) software, which is provided free of charge by Adobe by web download from an Adobe website. All warranty requests must be addressed to Adobe customer support during a warranty period with proof of purchase. For more information on warranty requests, see

The overall liability of Adobe and its related companies in connection with such a guarantee and the exclusive and exclusive recourse of the customer under a warranty is either on the support of the software on the basis of the right to guarantee, or on the replacement of the software, or, if the support or replacement is not feasible after Adobe`s finding, the refund of the fee that the customer paid for the software (if applicable). THE LIMITED WARRANTY OUTLINED IN THIS SECTION GIVES SPECIFIC RIGHTS TO THE CUSTOMER. THE CLIENT MAY HAVE ADDITIONAL RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW, WHICH MAY VARY FROM JURISDICTION TO JURISDICTION. ADOBE DOES NOT WANT CUSTOMERS` WARRANTY RIGHTS TO AN EXTENSION THAT IS NOT AUTHORIZED BY LAW. Please read section 16 of the jurisdictional rules or contact Adobe customer support. If the software is designed to be used with application software published by Adobe (the “host app”); Adobe grants you a non-exclusive license to use this software only with the host app; If you have a valid Adobe license for the host app. Except as shown below; This software will be granted to you under the terms of Adobe`s end-user license agreement, which governs your use of the host app. When you download or use the software to use, Adobe grants you a limited and non-exclusive license to install and use the software on a computer to solve some file deterioration issues. “computer,” a virtual or physical computer device that accepts information in a digital or similar form and processes it on the basis of a series of instructions for a given result.