Macmillan Volunteer Agreement

NcVO continues to support the survey`s recommendation for organizations that involve volunteers to engage in the following “Promise 3R” and to ensure that they have a problem-solving procedure or a fair and transparent resolution of problems with volunteers. The NCVO also provides voluntary advice on what they can do in the event of a problem and for organizations in developing a problem-solving process. Macmillan Crossroads Care Kent – Medway Volunteer Service offers a useful assessment process to identify the needs of people affected by cancer and their caregivers and seek the right support to help them in the best way possible. In the process, a volunteer is carefully selected to support various tasks such as camaraderie, practical or emotional support. The study praised the efforts of organizations to improve the volunteer experience, but also identified some areas where action should be taken to continuously improve it. They were promoted by the “Call to Action” progress group, which for two years committed to raising awareness and committing to fair treatment of volunteers. The group published its final report in 2014 (pdf, 252 KB). The November 2009 Voluntary Rights Inquiry aimed to understand the nature and extent of the problems faced by volunteers and to find appropriate solutions. There have been a number of cases of serious breaches of trust between volunteers and the organizations that voluntarily support them. As a result of the abuse inflicted by volunteers in these cases, there was a call for clearly defined rights for volunteers and an external way to deal with complaints. NcVO believes that volunteers should be treated fairly and respectfully, and ensuring that disputes or problems are dealt with appropriately is an important part of this treatment. The following organizations have already shown their support for our recommendations by signing the 3R promise: Nationally, Macmillan Cancer Support offers a huge service to cancer patients and their support networks.