Tour Package Agreement

The package and the travel contract are subject to Italian law. Disputes that may arise between the parties concerning the validity, origin, performance, performance or termination of this contract are referred exclusively to the territorial jurisdiction of the Parma Court of Justice. After receiving the deposit, the company makes an interim reservation to the customer. There may be circumstances beyond the entity`s control, which may prevent it from confirming the provisional booking to its bank account at the time of receipt of payment. In such cases, the customer is clearly informed in writing that the provisional booking has not yet been confirmed. If the company cannot confirm the booking within 14 days of receiving the deposit, it gives the customer the option to book another visit or package (if any) with the company, or cancel its booking and obtain a full refund of the deposit. With the exception of these specified remedies, the entity assumes no additional liability to the client. In the case of group trips, package trips, individual foreign tourist (ITF) trips, day trips and vacations that are advertised with estimated prices on the company`s website, the customer must request an offer on the application form or by email before filling out an online booking form or faxing the application form completed by fax to the company (“the request”). Non-recovery or the possibility of obtaining proof of insurance is considered a reason for termination at the discretion of the company. The above includes the entire agreement between the parties and there is no other agreement or agreement (other than the arbitration agreement) between them. (g) information on the traveller`s right to terminate the contract at any time prior to the start of the package for payment of reasonable withdrawal fees or, if the intention is intended, standard withdrawal fees charged by the organiser in accordance with Article 41 of the Tourism Code; For group travel, the price of the trip for which the customer has made a reservation is due no later than 50 days schedule before the departure or the start of the visit or agreement. For tailor-made tours or packages booked more than 30 calendar days before the start, the balance of the company price must be fully paid for them no later than 31 (30) calendar days before the start of the visit.

When signing the package holiday offer, the travel agency undertakes to receive and maintain appropriate insurance with [Company.Name] as “other insureds” for the duration of this contract. The goal of Keyrow Tours is to provide each customer with a unique, enjoyable and personal travel experience. However, if, after returning to the United States, the customer feels that he has not maintained the service and support he expected from Keyrow Tours, he will reimburse a proportionately proportional percentage of the customer`s travel expenses. If the parties fail to agree on an appropriate proportional percentage, they submit their dispute to arbitration, in accordance with the following reasons. (i) “organizer”: a merchant who combines and sells or sells parcels, either directly or through another distributor, or with another distributor, or the distributor who transmits the traveller`s data to another distributor in accordance with point c), point 2.4; The contract for the sale of a package, whether the related services are provided in Italy or abroad, is subject to the “tourism code” (Italian decree-law of 23.5.2011 No. 79 – Appendix I, Article 32 – 51-Noviden), as amended by the Italian decree-law of 21 May 2018 No 62 and, if necessary, by Italian Law 1084 of 27.12.1977 (ratification and implementation of the International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV) , signed in Brussels on 23 April 1970, and by Italian legislative decree of 6.9.2006 Consumer Code, amended by the consumer code. The contract is also in accordance with these terms and conditions and clauses contained in the catalogue, in the information brochure and in the documents sent above the client.