25.1 Subject And Verb Agreement Answers Prentice Hall

A reflex pronoun must coincide with a precursor, the REFLEXIVE PRONOMENVEREINBARUNG False Just The problem between Sue and me was born The problem between Sue and me was born of jealousy. on jealousy. Exercise 1 Staff pronouns correspond to indeterminate pronouns. Write a corresponding personnel name to complete each sentence. Example: Each house must have a house number. 1. Part of the wood has insects in. 2. Some players have purchased additional uniforms themselves. 3.

Most rooms have mold. 4. None of these books contain much useful information in. 5. Someone from the League of Women Voters said he would talk to us. 6. Most of my friends do well with families. 7. Little of the yard has grass grow. 8. All members of this Scout troop like to show you the catalog. 9.

Do all brownies have nuts in them? 10.